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Team Jagrit Mind

Shrawan Singh
An engineer(IITian) by qualification, educationist by profession and mythologist by passion. He fathoms up to the deeper roots of mythological stories and wisdom enshrined in our Sanatana dharma texts like Vedas, Puranas, Epics and specially Gita. He is a naturally gifted speaker and enthrall the audience with the waves of his rhythmic intonation and way of story-telling. 

Sanjeev Jha
He is a writer and philosopher by nature.He had engrossed himself in writing for magazines like OUTLOOK and Vedant Keshari in his college days itself. Greatly Influenced by the learning shri Geeta Ji after completing engineering, he joined software industry, but a writer in his inner soul drived him in the noble profession of teaching and mentoring 
through the inner philosophy.  

Amit Shekhar 
A computer engineer and well known blogger. He heads the technical team of Jagrit Mind. In addition, he also looks after our online courses and school workshops. He possesses a burning desire to spread wisdom of our ancient sacred texts with the help of state of art technology. 

She plays two roles simultaneously- of an educationist and as a perfect mother and that perfection and blending is seen in her writings. One can get immense clues and tips regarding teaching a child with care and caring a child while teaching from her view-points.

A young technocrat and enthusiast persona with full of boundless energy. He oversees the designing and layout portion of our course material. Besides he supervises mobile app  of JagritMind.



She is poet at heart. Her feelings go deeper into the human psyche and come out with a creation embellished with perfect narrations. One can find the free flow of the emotions in her writings. Her canvas contains almost all the hues of life.


Vinay Prakash
A multi-faceted talent and a powerful motivator. With the sound base of tag of an IITian, his past is embellished by industry experience and and Govt of India official. Presently he is an entrepreneur by profession and corporate trainer by choice.  His crystal-clear analysis and style of presentation is lauded everywhere.

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