Flash Stories


Each of us defines one-self within an ever-expanding spherical territory named persona. One loves to see himself/herself in the most symmetrical and natural shape; unpolluted and non-wavering. We are much concerned about the intactness of its boundary. Never ever we want it to look fragile and fluid. We affirm and reaffirm; confirm and reconfirm about this umpteen times.
 This periphery is not impervious and one is in continuous interaction with the world outside. Everything goes on smoothly when mode of exchange is in harmony with the universe inside. But any adverse transaction leads to creation of turmoil within. That eventually leads to agitated mind and confused intellect. Managing such instances is an art.
We do concern about our own sphere; but along with that we love to keep track on few spheres outside with full rights. They belong to our off-springs. We do try to control expansion of sphere, administration within, firmness of its boundary and the mode of exchanges with outside world. Really parenting involves much more intense things.

JAGRITMIND addresses upon these pertinent issues of self-development, stress-management and parenting, but in a unique way. It goes back to the roots of Indian culture and seeks proper analysis and solution.

JAGRITMIND endeavors to spread the profound wisdom of Indian sacred text like Vedas,Puranas, Gita, epics etc. in a simple and easy-grasping way. We resort to the age-old golden route of story-telling.

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