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The wrong career choice

What is a ‘Wrong Career Choice’? In my opinion any choice which results is a student performing less than optimal or a Career which is regretted later or one which makes one unhappy is a Wrong Career Choice.

Read this blog post composed by one of the best career advisor and counselor of our times, Mr Anurag Jain to have an excellent analysis of 'Why Students make wrong career choice?'


Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

An engineer(IITian) by qualification, educationist by profession and mythologist by passion. He fathoms up to the deeper roots of mythological stories and wisdom enshrined in our Sanatana dharma texts like Vedas, Puranas, Epics and specially Gita. He is a naturally gifted speaker and enthrall the audience with the waves of his rhythmic intonation and way of story-telling.

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