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The Day of Failure

Many a times, we hear people say, ‘On that day, I failed in board exams’ or ‘On that day, My company suffered a severe loss’ or ‘On that day, my interview results were declared and I was rejected for the job I wanted the most’. And these people say that they don’t want to remember the day of their failure.

Whether these people have become successful or they are still struggling, they must watch ‘M S Dhoni, The Untold Story’. Well! One must say that the full movie is an inspirational and motivational treat. But, there is a part in the movie where Dhoni does not get selected for Indian Under 19 World Cup Team. And he throws a treat to his friends on the occasion of his failure. His friends were sad but he seemed to be quite indifferent. His words were, ‘Ye Singhara aur Balushahi ka party is liye hai kyuki hum aaj ka din nahin bhoolna chahte’ which means ‘I am giving this party of Singhara and Balushahi because I don’t want to forget this day’. He tells his friends that he has realized that his preparation is not up to the mark for selection and this day of realization is very important for him. So he is giving a party so that he always remembers this date.

Exactly this should be the level of positivity and optimism in a person who seeks to achieve something. To all the struggling people out there, I urge you to mark the day of your failure as the most special day of your life. Always remember the day of your defeat and inspire yourself in such a manner that the same black day never comes in your life again.



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