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Life is not a smooth sail and can be unpredictable at times

Life is not a smooth sail. It goes through sunshines and shadows, hardships and happiness. It has its own twists and turns, sometimes known, sometimes unknown. Sometimes it is predictable, sometimes it is not. Life has unique uncertainties, and that's what makes it beautiful and interesting.

Uncertainties in life test us and our abilities. They make us stronger, stronger for other uncertainties and hardships to come. Both hard as well as merry times are unpredictable. Along with difficulties, life sometimes presents you with happiness as a reward for what you have gone through, and thus energizing you enough to face what's ahead.

But if you are going through one of those 'unpredictable' times, you should always keep these in mind:

Have a Strong Grip on your Willpower

Never, ever let go off your hope and will power. In the hardest times your will keeps you alive and motivated and makes you stay positive about things. Life may make things slip from your hands like sand, but trust your inner self enough that you will make through such situations.

Pain is a very good Motivator

Yes, you heard it right. But only if you accept it. Denial of pain only gives you more of it. But if you make this weakness of yours a strength, nothing better than pain gets you going. And if you make pain your best friend, then nothing else in this whole world can beat you.

Patience is the Key

Remember than winning does not come eventually, it takes time and effort. The more patient you are, the more fruitful is your gain. So, do not get broken if it is taking time.

You are not Alone

Wipe out the words "Why me" from your dictionary. Life tests different persons in different ways. The very truth of life is that is is unfair. Accept that it is so and instead of whining for your hardships, focus on getting a solution and to stay positive.

Accepting the problem changes the nature of the problem. The diamond wouldn't have stood out shining if it weren't pressurized so much.


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