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Samskar From Ramayana

The Ramayana is an enlightening medium to advocate the significance of observing dharma (righteousness) in relations. It has multi-faceted dimensions and points towards the values such as keeping promises religiously, loving and respecting family, protecting the weak, non-wavering allegiance and so on. It depicts strong characters reflecting ideal father, ideal son, ideal brother, ideal leader, ideal wife, ideal follower etc. And this whole gigantic exercise is accomplished by narrating a beautiful story.
The Ramayana and Mahabharata especially, preach a lot of desirable values and one can inculcate values and ethics in child by way of storytelling. Since ages, this method has been proven reliable. The better way to just commanding child to respect his elders is giving examples from his favorite epics.
Followings values from  Ramayana could be imbibed in psyche and behavior of child:

Always choose right
This wisdom can be imbibed by giving the example of Bharat. He was made ruler of Ayodhya, but his sense of right and wrong would not permit him to accept this. Instead he immediately went into the forest to offer Rama his rightful position as ruler of Ayodhya. Upon his refusal, Bharat placed his footwear on the throne and ruled Ayodhya in the name of Rama for full 14 years. Such was his devotion to his brother and so strong was his desire to be fair and just.
The  child will now able to understand that any desirable should be accepted, only if attained through fair means, without hurting anyone.

Love your siblings 
In today's materialistic world where disputes between siblings are very common, stories of Lakshman, (who decided to to give royal comfort up voluntarily to live with his elder brother for 14 years of hardship in forest) need to be extolled and repeated time and again. Regularly  emphasizing the importance of love will develop a deeper bond amongst siblings.
Parents should push their children to spend time with siblings and to stand up and be there for each other in case of any requirement. This value can be taught by example of Surpanakha. When Surpanakha was insulted by Ram-Lakshman, her brothers Khaara and Dooshan and later Ravana rushed in to avenge .

Keep your promise
Kaikeyi demanded her two boons as exile of Rama and crowning-in of her son, Bharat. Dashrath  honoured his promise as the uppermost sense of duty. The time when Dashrath began to waver, Rama reminded him of the value of given promise. Upon repeated request of Bharat to return back to Ayodhya, Rama plea was that he could not and would not dishonour his father’s word.
This story will teach children not to stain the value of their promise. 

Love your parents
“Rama's willingly spent 14 years in exile in forest to protect his father’s much respected honour. Dashrath too loved his child so much that he breathed his last upon departure of his two sons and Sita.”
This shows the love and respect, Rama had for his parents. He listened to every order, he honoured their promises and ensured that no one could accuse them of being unfair. It also showcases the love parents have for their children. Hopefully, the fact that Dashrath died yearning for his son will make them aware of the attachment of parents. And that realization  will make them more respectful and more devoted.

Never follow bad advice
Kaikeyi ,so fond of Rama, got convinced by the vicious advice of her maid servant to send Rama into exile and insisted on her son Bharat being crowned king. Manthara’s scheming not only poisoned Kaikeyi’s mind, but also ruined her life. She lost her beloved husband to heartbreak and her son Bharat, chastised her for dreadful deeds.
This imparts few important lessons for your children. It teaches them to stay on guard against vicious guidance. It teaches them to be firm of mind and not let their minds get swayed easily by people. It teaches to be vigilant and to think of the consequences of their actions.

Always Protect  the Weak
Jatayu being so old ,tried to take on the powerful Ravana single-handedly, when he was kidnapping Sita. This simple instance teaches your child to be courageous in taking up challenge and accomplish it to the best of his ability.This also teaches your child that he must always stand up for the weak and not develop his personality as a meek spectator. 

Therefore, repeating the Ramayan umpteen times to your children inculcates strong moral virtuous values in your children. The Ramayana will enrich their lives and help you mould your children to be the leaders of tomorrow with deep cultural roots.
Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

An engineer(IITian) by qualification, educationist by profession and mythologist by passion. He fathoms up to the deeper roots of mythological stories and wisdom enshrined in our Sanatana dharma texts like Vedas, Puranas, Epics and specially Gita. He is a naturally gifted speaker and enthrall the audience with the waves of his rhythmic intonation and way of story-telling.

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