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Dying man licking honey

 A brahmana found himself in a huge inaccessible jungle crowded with wild animals.
With agitated heart and fearful mind, he entered into it and started running here and there searching for somebody. A horrible woman with stretching arms appeared into his sight.
Inside the forest, there existed a pit with its mouth covered with creepers. The brahmana got  entangled in those creepers, as he fell into that imperceptible ditch during his wanderings. He continued to dangle there in an awkward situation; strange posture of  head downwards and  feet upwards.
But this was not the end of his distress. There was a large snake at the bottom and a gigantic elephant at the top of the pit. That dark coloured elephant had six faces and twelve feet. Moreover it was slowly moving towards that creepers and trees covered pit.
A number of black and white rats were eating away the roots of that tree. Countless bees roved about the branches of tree and were engaged in drinking the honey gathered in their comb The honey from the comb fell in many jets below.
The hanging brahmana, even in such distressful situation continually drank those jets of honey. But his thirst could not be quenched; he desired for even more.
There was fear from the beasts of prey, from that fierce woman on the outskirts of that forest, from that snake at the bottom of the well, from that elephant near its top, from the fall of the tree through the action of the rats, and lastly from those bees flying about for tasting the honey. In that plight he continued to dwell, deprived of his senses, in that wilderness, never losing at any time the hope of prolonging his life.

Decoding the parable :
The inaccessible forest
the limited sphere of one’s own life
beasts of prey
the diseases
woman of gigantic proportions
Old age
the pit
the physical frame of embodied creatures.
The huge snake
The cluster of creepers
the desire for life cherished by every creature.
The six-faced elephant
the year,six faces are the seasons and twelve feet are the twelve months
The black and white rats
days and nights that are continually lessening the periods of life of all creatures
our desires
The numerous jets that are dropping honey
the pleasures derived from the gratification of our strongly addicted desires
Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

An engineer(IITian) by qualification, educationist by profession and mythologist by passion. He fathoms up to the deeper roots of mythological stories and wisdom enshrined in our Sanatana dharma texts like Vedas, Puranas, Epics and specially Gita. He is a naturally gifted speaker and enthrall the audience with the waves of his rhythmic intonation and way of story-telling.

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