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Draupadi's real love - Karna

During the last year of Vanvas, Draupadi saw a ripe jambul (rose-apple) hanging from a tree. She plucked to have it, but the very moment Lord Krishna appeared and stopped her from eating it. That ripe fruit was kept by sage Amitra to break his twelve-year fast. The sage would curse pandavas, not finding the fruit at its place. Pandavas asked him the way to avert the crisis.
Lord Krishna recommended the way out. Each of them had to divulge a truth, not known to anyone. Saying thus, he took them to the tree. He placed the fruit under the tree and told them to reveal secrets. Then the fruit would go and cling to the tree on its own accord.
He invited Yudhishtra to speak first.Yudhistra hold Draupadi responsible for the whole bad events happened to them. At this, surprisingly the fruit moved two feet above the ground .
 Bhima uttered to have unflinching loyalty towards Yudhisthira, but would kill anyone who insulted his mace.The fruit moved two feet further up.
Arjuna confided that to kill Karna, he can resort to even unlawful means. The fruit got placed up.
Then Nakula believed that a man can attain fame just based on his discrimination alone. Again, the fruit went up.
Lord Krishna looked at Sahadeva.  Sahadeva said, “he had the knowledge of the past, the present and the future. “ The fruit continued its upward journey.
At last Draupadi disclosed, "I have five husbands like the five senses. I feel repentant for having acted thoughtlessly in spite of being well educated.” But the fruit remained stationary. 

Krishna feared she hiding something more serious .With great anxiety, Draupadi revealed the stunning truth “I love five of you. But I love a sixth too. I love Karna.I regret not marrying him on account of his lower caste. If i had married Karna, then i would never have to experience the bitter events like gambled away, publicly humiliated and called a whore in my life. For he has all the qualities possessed by my 5 husbands.
Upon such confession of Draupadi, the fruit joined back to branch and the impending curse got averted.

Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

An engineer(IITian) by qualification, educationist by profession and mythologist by passion. He fathoms up to the deeper roots of mythological stories and wisdom enshrined in our Sanatana dharma texts like Vedas, Puranas, Epics and specially Gita. He is a naturally gifted speaker and enthrall the audience with the waves of his rhythmic intonation and way of story-telling.

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