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It was the year 2004 when I was a school going teenager. Similar to other students of my age, I too had deep aspirations about JEE Examination. I had heard that an early Bird catches its prey earlier.  I had decided to start my expedition in class 8th itself. My school was providing a very good education but to fulfill the dream my requirement was different. I require little bit extra that makes the ultimate difference.  School has its own limitations like school curriculum and all. I was sure that if I could not start right then, I will have to confront a huge pressure of syllabi and cut throat competition. The target was clear but the path was not known. There were lots of mountains in the way. Who will guide a class 8th student to reach the apex which is undoubtedly one of the highest peaks. However I was getting lots of suggestions what to do from lots of people who have never attempted the test. So they could not guide how to do. If you think I was not disappointed and frustrated, you are wrong; I was.

But my determination was firm. I was waiting for the powers equal to the tasks in place of tasks equal to the powers.  In such sordid situation of the tragic despair I was surrendering to the situation half heartedly and it was derailing my performance as well in school exam where I was easily topping the merit list. But nobody was taking the determination of a small child in me seriously. By the time I was being asked to concentrate on things of my level.

Finally when my all hopes got downtrodden, I decided to take the challenge on my own. I started studying the basic books available for JEE but it took me almost a couple of the day to understand one paragraph that too with half clarity. I got the mental support of my parents but that was not sufficient for fulfilling my dream. Finally my elder brother visited me during his vacations and that was the light I was waiting for the deepest of the nyctophobia.

Let there be light and there was light finally. He managed notes of the topics relevant for JEE which I found to be limited and he explained everything step by step How to do. The note was quite up to date and pattern proved that was made exclusively for the purpose. I heaved a sigh of deep relief that finally I did not require to get confused in “n” number books and unnecessary repeated questions on the same topic.

 I was reporting to my brother my daily routine. My brother was on the driving seat and I was reaching my destination fixed by him, one by one. JEE was yet very far apart. With passage of the time I learnt to count the number of concepts and not the number of questions. Finally the greatest day of that year came and it was the IIT JEE day in the year 2005. I was done with few topics of 11th but somehow controlling my emotions I decided to take the paper at my home. It was the devastating which shattered all my courage and hopes. I found it to be almost impossible. I was in a position where it seemed that I was just chasing the shadow beyond my reach. Needless to say I was all set to change my mind of taking the challenge. When I was very much frustrated and broken I felt some one paving my back slowly. It was my brother. He motivated me somehow to attempt a test paper on the topic which I had completed. My performance was little bit improved yet it was not sufficient. I decided to give more tests as motivated. My performance improved with tests and performance analysis. In AIEEE (Similar to JEE Main Now) exam I performed well comparatively. Now I started covering the syllabus. In JEE MAIN 2006 was able to reach the cut off.  By now the map to my destination was fit and clear in mind. In 2007 I was in a much better position and this was indeed the greatest satisfaction I ever had. By now I had cleared all the loopholes and ready to take the JEE Challenge in the year 2008. But another monster came in the form of CBSE 12th Board exam however with the suggestion of my brother and seniors who were taking me very seriously by now I prepare a time table which provided me support to give proper attention in all subjects for board also.

Today, when I think of my transformation from an optimistic boy to be a conqueror, my eyes becomes full of something for my brother which is beyond description. Not everyone is blessed with the brother like mine so I still come across many aspirants wandering, getting frustrated and doubting their potential and capabilities specially with the futile suggestions of those who have never taken the challenge  and “n “ number of books in lack of the pattern proved strategy and testing mechanism and analysis.

Every war becomes simple when you have a perfect and reliable guide. Success which seems to be beyond the reach is sometimes one right step with right person ahead. Choose your right person or right mentor before you make yourself out of your dream. A true Guru can carve the idol in stone also.

The concept of the Guru is someone who knows the process of self-transformation. A guru who can understand the limitations and the abilities of each aspirant can guide aspirants according to their evolution. The concept of guru implies a natural understanding between two people. According to all spiritual traditions, the realization of Guruhood or connection with the inner guru takes place when the entire system of the body and mind is purified. There is no question of anybody claiming to be a guru. In the state of purification, if ego is to be transformed and transcended, naturally the aspirant develops simplicity, innocence and purity. These become the hallmarks or trademarks of an enlightened being.

 Snjeev Jha

Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

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