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Importance of Exposure

Guru Vishwamitra was asking Dashratha, the king of Ayodhya to allow Rama and Laxmana to go to Jungle for the protection of his yagya.  Dashratha being unaware of the future was not willing to allow doing so. But as suggested by guru Vasistha, he allowed finally. Guru Vishwamitra took them along with him in the jungle and both Rama and his brother laxmana were being acquainted with the harsh conditions and various risk factors of the jungle.  Later on, this well planned and well guided exposure played the most vital role when Rama and Laxmana had to go to jungle, as ordered by their father. The experience gained there while facing various monsters helped them a lot while fighting against Ravana and others while searching for Mata Sita.

Arjuna faced almost all the rivals in Virat Yudh whom he had to face in the final battle again. He got the golden opportunity to check his skill, preparedness, weapons and plans before the final battle.

Abhimanyu due to lack of exposure could not escape from the “chakravyuha”. It was his first major battle in which even after his great efforts, he failed to escape however he was the disciple of Lord Krishna and son of Arjuna. 

Even if you are well trained guided, without proper exposure you cannot optimize your performance. Exposure provides you the opportunity to test your preparation and strategies for the final performance. It checks how much castles made by you, are realistic and can be laid on the Earth in reality. If you don’t get enough practice for the real paper it would affect your performance. If you are aspiring for JEE Main and Advance, First of all you must be well acquainted with the level of difficulty. Then practice with the similar level. Various types of paper are going changing from offline mode to online mode. In such situation you must be well trained and guided for the same. We are familiar and most of us are comfortable with pen paper mode. We are habituated to do all the analysis in the figure on the question paper itself. But in Computer based tests we require to draw the figure on the paper first and then analyze which takes more time. Managing your eye stick to the screen for continuous three hours is not easy. So exposure to conditions similar to which you want to excel is most important and it will make the ultimate difference. 

Sanjeev Jha

Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

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