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कर्मणो ह्यपि बोद्धव्यं बोद्धव्यं च विकर्मण: |
अकर्मणश्च बोद्धव्यं गहना कर्मणो गति: || 
Shrimadbhagvata Gita stresses over the full involvement and application of mind (VIKARMA)  required for achieving grand success and realizing true potential.

While contemplating over the experiences accumulated during two decades of training IIT-aspirants for cracking JEE, I identified a regular definite pattern of thought process running inside majority of student’s mind. Every year the name of students change, their faces change, voice modulation and intonation change, expressions of their anguish and despair change. Words and sound striking my ears do change, but surprisingly I always hear the same pattern; the essence of their agony and plight remain the strikingly similar year by year.

I broadly identified few common thinking of students, which present an obstacle in their path of success in JEE and hinders their overall academic growth. These mental lines look very simple in format, common in understanding and so-much-normal with the life. While going across them, you might discover your own mental canvas. We may call it misconception engraved in the psychological build-up or sheer justification of wide-spread wrongs going on academic front.

And believe me, Simple, Common and Normal things require such treatment only, obviously at mental arena only. I have applied these remedial measures on hundred of students every year and the outcomes are phenomenal.

Now we will address the famous statements uttered by students during their JEE-Preparation one by one.

I understand every thing in class, but cannot solve the numerical on my own.

Most probably, this cliché is the most-often repeated confession made by below & par average performers. And by saying so, they do not give lame-excuse, rather they plainly speak the blatant truth. Yes sir, this is the truth!
Just ask a simple question to them – “How much Writing Work they do at home?” And you will realize the root of the problem. In classroom, they see through the eyes of teacher and thus become able to understand the things. But at home, he/she has not that privilege; one finds himself lost in jungle of concepts, examples, derivation and formulas.
Simply instruct them to comprehend and write down all the concepts and formulas of that topic on copy on their own before approaching the application part, i.e., solving the numerical. WRITING work is vital. It is a multiple activity involving brain, hands and eyes simultaneously.

I cannot solve numerical, because my concepts are not clear.

This false and misleading justification has deeper meanings; sometimes teachers also get embroiled in this jinx. Visualizing the concept and numerical solving are not separate process on temporal arena; they do not come one after another. Both goes parallel ; they re-augment and strengthen each other. It is our duty to inculcate the very basic fact into the student’s mind that numerical solving itself is an exercise to learn concepts.

In exams my brain goes blank, but I crack the problems at home.

Students often undermine some vital points regarding solving the question at home after the actual examination like:
Home attempt is their second attempt! 
They are not worried of their bad performance at home! 
They are free from pressure of negative marking at home!
Paucity of time and its management is no longer worry at home!
Examination-hall pressure is missing at home!
Therefore, this justification regarding well-being of academic progress has serious flaws. Not performing at exams remains the living problem, even if student scores full at home solving the same paper. We should not allow the student to live in false paradise.

I am an average student!

This very notion is a rationalization used by students, who get satisfied with below par performance and who are afraid of doing hard work. They remain happy with their misconception of low ability. In their reference frame, Newton’s  law of inertia gets applied in writing and spirit.
"if I have a misconception, I will continue with it, unless pushed by an external agent. Even  I will surround him in my web of misconception yielding zero resultant."
We as their teacher must work on their psychological niche and make them understand that being average is not due to capacity lacunae, but due to lack of determination to shed inertness. 

I cannot study because I am stressed or in depression

Think of a famous catch 22 situation…..
 One got trapped into depression, because he/she was not studying! And since student didn’t study, his performance got dipped leading him/her into depression!
 Depression is escape mechanism of people afraid of facing failures. But understand that failure is “ first attempt in learning” ; it is the integral part of learning.
Come openly and accept the fact that you are not doing your part properly. Reveal your inner thinking to your teacher. Certainly, they will find the solution to the problem.

A famous cliché " I do not have luck in my favor”

Almost 95% of the non-performers believe in the above cliché; rest do not accept it in public!
I came across many students, who blame the luck (or lack of it) for their bad performance in examination. We  also resort to the same rationale in our life too, if something not turns in our favour.
There is need for paradigm shift in our outlook for addressing this issue. We must first understand the basic axiom of principle of causality ( Law of Karya-Karan), which states that every event has a certain cause and cause of an event occurs in time before occurrence of that event.
 And the same dictum must be inculcated in student’s mind in simple words that “Cause occurs first, then event occurs “. A grinding counseling session will make the air clear and will bring the main culprit. The  student will soon realize that it was his/her preparation and strategy, which need to be blamed actually. 
Shining of luck is not an instantaneous event. It has to be preceded by relentless hard work. Sow the seed of aspiration in mind, water it with passion and dedication, it will bear fruit; lady luck will ensure sweeter fruit.

I give a clarion call to all JEE  aspirants  to carry out their mental preparation simultaneously along with the ongoing academic battle; it is equally important. 

Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

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