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Is Bhagvata Gita Still Relevant?

How Gita Ji still relevant?

Today every human being is facing a battle with himself.  Battle between the good and the evil, battle between the responsibilities and expectations, battle between realities and pseudo dreams, is going on endlessly. The soul which is said to be eternal, immortal is in serious trouble, it cannot die as it is mortal and it is unable to be neutral as well. Sitting in the chariot and witnessing everything, it is waiting for Krishna to guide. The situation is becoming from toe deep -knee deep- waist deep to neck deep. Krishna has His own bounding. He comes only once in one yuga. A charioteer that can bring the soul out of this sordid situation of tragic despair is desperately needed.  Whom should we trust in absence of Krishna? How to find the shore in this endless ocean? Who will guide the soul towards Dharma?

A human is expected to balance him / her in various roles simultaneously which is not a bit less than performing the herculean task. Human beings are in dilemma which at least seems to be greater than the one Bhism was facing. Over optimism has spread its venomous wings so wisely and quietly that human beings are on the verge of being chopped off at any moment. Duryodhan’s greed and optimism for the throne seems to be childish before present scenario. Many Sahkunis are wandering in the society even in the family today who are always ready to pull the leg. Lots of Dushasahans are daily harassing and playing with the daughters and daughters in law. King is dormant again. Vidur ji has become a pilgrimage, very well defined as brain drain now-a-days. Karna is still in tied in the various self made and situational made ropes so he dares not to speak even knowing the truth. Cut –throat competition among the young warriors is again at its peak which is assassinating many Ekalvyas. Many Ghatotkachs and Abhimanyus have to cession their lives due to over expectations. Arjun finds himself completely incompetent in the present situation.    
More or less everything seems to be as it is but only thing missing is Krishna. Wounded soul is searching for Him anxiously and calling eagerly. There appears Krishna suddenly from the pages of the Shri Gita Ji. The Sun has risen in the deepest of the darkness. 

King is like father for all the citizens of his kingdom. In such situation the statements like 
"धर्मक्षेत्रे कुरुक्षेत्रे समवेता युयुत्सवः।

मामकाः पाण्डवाश्चैव किमकुर्वत सञ्जय।।1.1।। "                           
is completely unethical especially when it comes from a king’s side. King must be above the community, cast, color, and favoritism. At least a king should promote equality. No one should be too close and no one too far for the king. A King whose ministers are involved in conspiracy against the mankind with malafide intentions cannot keep himself aloof from his responsibilities and consequences that will arise due to his inactiveness.  King is for the entire people not for a certain group. Only closing the eyes can’t make the king free.  Whenever capable persons bound themselves in the chain of over responsibilities and if they fail to make the people understand the right definition of Dharma Mahabharata becomes the ultimate state. Dharma is not always personal very often it is linked with the community and society also. Wise people should raise themselves above the layer of self promises and efforts for the protection of the society and country. Self glory will remain intact only when the society and the country is intact otherwise incompetent, in capable people will come in the power and destroy all the golden glories of past. So the wise and capable people should not be this much pressed that he/she cannot say the truth. If you cannot raise your voice against the wrong even after being capable, what is the purpose of your capabilities? Excess of greed, Jealousy and uncontrolled desire of one human may ruin everything and if society fails to control that human then society will have to pay for it.  Wise people don’t react on situational unfairness. Situational unfairness does not give you the license to help be the wrong doers and be a part of malevolent conspiracy. 

Appearing for the tough test without proper exposure will be fatal. Proper training and practice for the situation which you have to face is very important.  Knowledge is something that cannot be bought by money. Teachers are the nation builders. They should not be the slave of Power. Teachers are the carrier of knowledge- the divine message. They should raise above all mechanical layers like favoritism, cast, community and others.

 Gita ji through its intrinsic value in solving the fundamental human problems shows us a way to live our life effectively. It will continue to bless people of the past, present and posterity, the only thing is that, one has to choose to expose oneself to it. People often are also of the opinion that Gita ji is asking us to be ‘detached’ from the world. This also makes them turn away from Gita ji as they think that life cannot be lived with a sense of ‘indifference’ towards your parents, spouse, children, society and humanity as a whole. The reality is that Gita ji is not asking us to be detached to the world. In fact, physical detachment from the world is impossible as we live in inter-connected world where actions of one affect the other. For example, what I do today as a parent is going to have an effect on how my children grow up as adults and interact with their own friends, spouses, colleagues in the future. Hence, physical detachment is not possible. Then what about emotional detachment? Even emotional detachment is not desirable. We are meant to show love, care and concern for our children, parents, society and humanity; we cannot be indifferent to life. Gita ji does not tell us to be detached from the world and not have emotions. It shows us how to free our emotions of love and care from jealousy, envy, control etc. so they flow without any distortions and encompass the whole humanity. Another misconception that is often held is that the study of Gita ji requires you to devote a lot of time to ‘spiritual pursuits’ and to disregard your ‘material’ accomplishments. This is not true either. Bhagavad-Gita teaches you to be alive to realities of existence- covering a very big picture about the nature of I and the Lord. It also throws light on how to live your daily life effectively by managing your desires, making appropriate choices of actions, ways to deal with difficult situations and managing your emotions. By exposing yourself to the teaching of Gita ji from the young age, you become a dynamic person who is alive to realities of existence, who acts responsibly, be a contributor to society without being overwhelmed or defeated by challenges of life.

As discussed and compared many of our present day challenges are similar to the challenges at the time of Mahabharata, so it can be solved or at least be mitigated by our gaining the wisdom through Gita ji. I think that becoming a mature and responsible, a strong characteristic person is very much part of the solution to many problems and challenges that we are facing in the world. Gita ji enables you to realize your potential to be that person who is mature and responsible, so please don’t wait till you are old to adopt Gita ji that has timeless wisdom. 

Sanjeev Jha




Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

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