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Punishment should be Influential

Let us imagine a situation.

Mr Khanna, a 50 year old man, who is very much conscious about his health, goes on a walk after dinner every night. Being very health conscious, Mr Khanna is not fat. If he covered his face and dressed up like a young boy, he would actually look like one. Being a government servant and living in the city since 20 years, Mr Khanna had good contacts in the city.

Rahul, a 16 year old boy, has recently learnt to ride a motorbike. Being an eleventh class student and getting influenced by everything that distracted from studies, Rahul really enjoyed riding bike at high speed.

These two people, living the same city, were totally strangers to each other.

One night, as usual, Mr Khanna went out for walk on a long but lonely street. Coincidentally, Rahul who does not get much to ride his bike, because of not having a driving licence, gets permission for riding the bike in nearby streets on that night. Rahul went to the same street in which Mr Khanna was walking. The street was empty as Rahul could see only one man (Mr Khanna) walking. So, Rahul thought of speeding, and Mr Khanna had also noticed by then that a speeding bike was coming towards him. Being a novice, Rahul could not lower the speed of the bike and hit Mr Khanna. Out of fear that man will do police complain, Rahul fled away at a speed double the original. Mr Khanna lied down on the road, crying and shouting, as a bone of his leg had fractured.
Somehow Mr Khanna managed to take the cell phone out of his pocket, and called his son, who was of the same age as Rahul. The son arrived on his scooty and took his father to the hospital. Mr Khanna had seen the registration number of Rahul’s bike and remembered it.

Mr Khanna recovered after two months. And now he thought of teaching Rahul a lesson. Being a man with good contacts, Mr Khanna was able to trace the address of Rahul. With the help of a few people, Mr Khanna started keeping an eye on Rahul and his activities.

One night, Mr Khanna got to know that Rahul was walking in the same street, in which accident took place, two months ago. Mr Khanna put on a leather jacket, wore a helmet and took his bike to the same street. He saw Rahul walking. He accelerated his bike and started speeding while going towards Rahul. Rahul was getting anxious as the bike was approaching him. Mr Khanna stopped his speedy bike, at one inch distance from Rahul. Rahul fell on the road and almost fainted due to fear. Mr Khanna took out his helmet and said, “See, I am the same person whom you hit two months ago on the same road. Out of seeking revenge, I also might have had hit you and just run away. You might not see me as a person like your father, but I see you as a boy like my son, and I know how I would feel when someone will hit my son and just run away, because I have a son almost of your age.” Mr Khanna parked his bike, gave his hand to Rahul and picked him up. Rahul realised his mistake and started crying. He apologised, “I am sorry, Uncle. And I promise that I will never ride hastily. And if I hit someone unfortunately, I will never run away. Instead, I will take him to the hospital for his first aid and proper cure.” Mr Khanna smiled and thought his work was done, and said, “Go home son, your parents will be waiting for you.” Rahul indeed learnt a lesson and never overspeeded from that day onwards.

The purpose of narrating this story is ton show that punishment for a crime should have an influence on criminal’s mind and change his thought process. I am not questioning anybody or the system, since I don’t have much knowledge about the punishments for convicts in the judicial system of our nation. But this story may be a suggestion to the people who decide punishments for different crimes. They can think of more effective punishments and help the convicts (those who hadn’t committed serious crimes like rapes and murders) to rehabilitate better. The transformation of thought process of criminals will make them good human beings, ultimately making this country a better place to live in.



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