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The Right Education

Today education has became the primary necessity of the human being. Human beings throughout the world have realized the importance of the education. And it is the result of this realization that every single person on this earth wants to be educated, wants some Degree. If we take the case of India itself we would rarely find a youth who is not trying for an engineering or a medical degree. Anything else apart from these two except some are considered inferior. As a result of which we have plethora of medical and engineering colleges around the country. And thousands of people are passing out from these institutes every year.

But one must ask that why do we want to be educated? Are we obliged by the society to be educated? That is certainly one reason. For most of the people its only purpose is to have a vocation. But more profound and fundamental reason behind crave for education is that we don't want to live in oblivion. We want to understand everything that's happening around us. So we indulge ourselves in this process of education. Starting from the basic one chooses a particular field and finally goes for the doctorate to become specialist in that field. But as one become specialist in a certain field he cuts out himself from everything else. Though he has a great knowledge in a particular field but his overall knowledge is limited. And hence we see people around us having a doctorate but are very mediocre, shallow and live a superficial life. So there's something wrong with our education.

What is it that is wrong about our education? 

For understanding that we would have to profoundly observe the whole process and working of education. Education imposes new patterns of conduct, new modes of thought on an individual. And any kind of imposed pattern of conduct and modes of thought kills the creative understanding and makes mind mechanical.

The right kind of education is concerned with individual freedom, which alone can bring true cooperation with the whole, with the many. But this freedom is not achieved through the pursuit of one's own aggrandizement and success. Freedom comes with self-knowledge, when the mind goes above and beyond the hindrances it has created for itself through craving its own security.

It is the function of education to help each individual to discover all these psychological hindrances, and not merely impose upon him new patterns of conduct, new modes of thought. Such impositions will never awaken intelligence, creative understanding, but will only further condition the individual. Surely, this is what is happening throughout the world, and that is why our problems continue and multiply. 
Abhilash Sharma

Abhilash Sharma

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