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Thinking put you in the past .Connection help you in the present  and prepare yourself for the future.When you connect you loose the ability to think .You discover higher power than the ability to think &come in contact with high vibration energy, which makes you good, powerful and peaceful. When you are connected, every thing that you think might appear as a thought. But these thoughts are not influenced by your past impressions and independent  from your past behavior and knowledge.

The law of karma is a higher intelligence. It will work its way around to ensures that every subtle cause is brought to a tangle result. When the mind wonders, you can be sure that the energy is travelling downwards. Where the mind is calm and perfectly at  peace with itself you can be sure that the energy is travelling upwards towards the center of your heart.

The law of karma forced Siddhartha to die and Buddha to emerge through consciously connected to that great energy. Every wise person has made use of this tremendous skill of connecting. it is your chance to follow suit. Ordinary mind can not understand the power of great man and women & they do not pay attention to the social protocols of the world.
Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

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