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The Real Freedom

Freedom to most of us means not to be imprisoned physically.But is freedom limited to this? Are we really free? Obviously physically we are, but are we free psychologically? Please inquire it yourself.This is not a lecture or a sermon where you are being fed opinions and principles or some kind of ideology.
So are we really free? We all are brought up in an environment where someone or the other is continuously telling us what to do, what not to do,how to live,how to think,what to believe,right-wrong and so on.We are psychologically molded by others from the very start.And a major part of it is covered by the beliefs that have been implanted on us.And we have identified ourselves with them so much that we are even ready to kill those who refute them.That is what is going on in the world from the time man has existed.Religion which is claimed to give peace to mankind has caused the most of the bloodshed than anything else.And religion is not the only thing that we have identified ourselves with, there are many other things, for example nationalism.We call ourselves the evolved generation, but we still believe in tribalism.Nationalism is tribalism.It is evident from the history of mankind that how much bloodshed nationalism has caused.We are always ready to identify ourselves with one group or the other.Because we are afraid of being alone,as it would mean finding our path ourselves.But being in a group gives us ready-made map of the path according to some ideology.So the very thought of being alone intimidates us.

When one is identified with certain belief or ideology then he is bound not to question it.We never question our beliefs.It is a taboo to doubt them.Or even if we question them,inquire them, that inquiry will be limited.Because the mind is anchored in that ideology.And how can a mind which is anchored in a certain ideology or dogmas or religion can see what the truth is?
So if one has to actually see the truth then mind must be completely free from all kinds of beliefs, ideologies and every kind of authority.So one must completely negate all kinds of authorities whether of religion or nationalism or some other group.Then mind will be completely free,uncluttered and that is the healthy mind.Having this healthy mind is the real freedom.And only this healthy mind can observe profoundly and see the truth.
Abhilash Sharma

Abhilash Sharma

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