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Read Mahabharata: Enrich Your Life

Mahabharata is a classic narration of splendid proportion.  It covers every aspect of human life. It is a repository of knowledge about the Indian society, its structure, governing principles and myriad aspects of the associated culture. Almost all subjects taught in curriculum of our present universities gets their place in this grand fabrication of words - The Mahabharata. 

Mahabharata has open eyes – without any aberrations. It looks and captures the real world with all its impurities in the purest form. It does not try to give prismatic reflections and wishful form of this world. Instead of only preaching hollow idealism and constructing perfect characters, it canvasses the journey of people’s search for such pinnacles and follies involved in such quest.

Mahabharata acts simply as a mirror. It reflects the rays coming from the object in-front of it. It may be thought of as store-house keeping real colours of our Indian society, relationships, feelings and complexities of on-going life. It contains and really defines the real human life. These reflection may be pleasant, may not be. They may seem real, may not be. They may look ideal, may not be. Mahabharata never gives importance to these trivial values and subsequent evaluation; truly playing the character of mirror!
There is popular feeling in India that one must not keep and read Mahabharata at home. Doing so  will invite friction, faction and fight in the family. But if one really think over this aspect, the arrived conclusion seems just opposite. One must really read and learn from this epic so that we can learn and build-up the strategy to up-root the evil hatred and fights from the family. We can stop these vices to even creep-in in the family bonding and polluting the warm emotions spread there. 

The teaching style of this grand epic is somewhat different.  It narrates us more about what not to do, rather than prescribing a ‘do-list’. We have to learn the simple math from it- negation of negative makes the positive. The removal of darkness brings light. Therefore one has to understand the grey areas to smoothen the path of life.  We can easily do our make-over. We can transform our personality by incorporating values we do like and mopping away the characteristics we do not like.  And the Mahabharata makes us aware of the complete picture - both white and black.  

We can have relevant teachings from reading and understanding Mahabharata. We get the complete and holistic purview of complexities involved with a persona or any relationship. One may get better understanding of one-self and his/her relation with the society. And most importantly, by understanding the grand divine design, one may discover true purpose of the life.
Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

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