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What is Meditation ?

'Meditation'-One of the most prevalent word.Volumes have been written on it.Even by those who haven't actually tried it in their life. Almost everyone have thought of trying it out at least once.Especially when we are bored with our regular entertainments or when we are undergoing stress and anxiety or having a miserable time.So we always seek new experiences.So when one is bored of sensory pleasures then he looks for a new experience.An experience beyond  senses(if something like that exist).And there are plethora of merchants sitting in the market to help you having it.So one pays a large amount of money and joins some meditation camp where they claim to teach you meditation and help you having that experience beyond senses.Or one would join certain group which gives him a new Sanskrit name,and he has to accept the authority of a Guru.And in extreme case one claims that he has renounced the world and joins certain monastery,becomes a Sanyaasi.

 But one must ask that what is it that we are trying to do? Or if you ask those people sitting in the monastery,the so called Gurus which claim to teach you meditation that what is it that you are trying to do? Why does one need to meditate at all? Then they will tell you that our mind is always full of thoughts.A constant chattering goes on within our mind all the time.One thought after the other.Even while we are asleep this chattering goes on in the form of dreams.So our mind is not quiet at all.So if you have to control or end this constant thought process then you should meditate.So in order to be free of thoughts they go on meditating.But in this process of becoming free from thoughts they are actually nourishing the wish of becoming free from thoughts,which is a thought itself.So instead of becoming free from thoughts they are making this thought more and more prevalent.

So what does one needs to do then? 

First of all it should be very clear that the meditation is not concentration.Concentrating on a certain image,a symbol,that's not meditation.Because in concentration there is a division - one who is concentrating and the object of the concentration.Or if one goes by the other definition of controlling the thoughts then there is a controller and the object to be controlled.So in such case if one is undergoing fear or anger or lust,he will try to control it,suppress it.So in division there is an action.One who operates and the thing to be operated on.But if one sees that I am not different from my anger,my agony,my lust and so on,then there is no action at all. When there is action there is wastage of brain's energy.Unless there is a division,brain's energy is fragmented.But when there is no division of 'the one who is meditating and the meditation' then the whole energy is utilized.So meditation happens when 'Meditator is the meditation'.That is a totally different state of mind.A completely tranquil mind with no thoughts whatsoever.Mind is in a totally different dimension.A dimension which is timeless.

But don't concede what writer is saying here.He might be fooling you.Refute it,doubt it,question every petty bit of it.And most importantly try it out keeping aside all the dogmas,beliefs and prejudices.
Abhilash Sharma

Abhilash Sharma

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