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Pain Comes : Pain Goes

Mahabharata war got an end. Gandhari visited the battleground to live with corpses of her sons and to feel the void created in her life after their departure. The whole day passed and night was about to come. But she refused to leave the battleground. 

“I will love to be here alone. The presence of my children comforts me.” She expressed her  feelings. Not crying openly, but there was thunders running within her heart. Totally devastated, she kept on waving her stick , so that wolves and vultures didn’t come there. 

Lord Krishna came nearer. He repeated the lessons of Gita “Mother! All yours sons have gone; it is their dead body only. Do not show attachment to it”
She yelled back, “ Krishna, no matter your grand persona be, you can never feel like mother’s pain.”
 “A pain remains until another pain comes along.” He replied in calm and placid manner
She retorted, “Mother’s pain is permanent. It bears the curse of eternity. It will not pass.”
Heart-broken and feeling the agony of mother, Krishna left the place. 

The moon rose and night sunken. But the wait of hungry wolves was far from over. The mother was protecting her sons with great determination.
Suddenly, Gandhari felt a pang of hunger- a deeper one, never felt before! She just wanted to eat something. Engulfed within the thoughts of food, she felt the smell of  ripen mango coming from above her. She tried to get the fruit, but it was out of reach. So she climbed on a stone, but mango was still far. She tried again after putting another stone above, but still could not reach to the fruit. She kept on piling up the stones and finally got the mango. She was feeling like winner. Stricken with hunger, she ate it quickly. Satisfaction was on her face. The hunger passed away.

 With the hunger gone, the pain returned – the horror of her children’s death. She felt the stones– they felt softer and wet, almost like flesh! She recoiled. These were the bodies of her children. She sat on them and enjoyed eating the fruit a moment earlier. How could she?
She understood the lesson, though in very cruel and ruthless way - 
“All pains are temporary. One lives till another takes birth.”
Shrawan Singh

Shrawan Singh

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