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Song from Land of lonliness

Once, I was alone

And there was no one to console,

I was in fear,

But no one was there to wipe my tears.

I felt completely lonely,

But no one was there to make me feel lively.

I felt there was something that was missing,

That very moment made me realize,

It was my parents for whom I was looking.

Instantly, I searched for moments in my life,

When I told them they are the backbone of my life!

I was sad to have found none,

The answer that came was 'I was the selfish one'!

Do I need to say any more?

Think of times when we choose to 'Ignore'!

Is it so difficult to say 'Thank You'?

Let's think and experience the magic of 'Gratitude'!

Sheenam Anumeha

Sheenam Anumeha

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